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Bruzzone G., Caccia M., Bono R., Bruzzone G., Spirandelli E., Veruggio G. Polar applications of ROVs. In: CAMS 2004 - IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems (Ancona, Italy, 7-9 July 2004). Proceedings, pp. 497 - 502. R. Katebi, S. Longhi (eds.). IFAC, 2004.
This paper tries to perform, through a historical review of polar applications of ROVs technology carried out by CNR-IAN, a reflection upon the trends of the employment of robotics in polar environments and the influence of this application over robotic research. A particular attention will be paid on describing the polar applications of the ROVs developed by CNR-IAN in the last ten years and on giving some reports of the related tests performed in field.
Subject Polar robotics
Marine science applications

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