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Bozzano R., Siccardi A., Mantovani R., Castellano L. An Underwater Frame for an Acoustic Survey of Marine Vegetation. In: ICA 2001 - 17th International Conference on Acoustics (Roma, 3--7 September 2001). Proceedings, vol. II pp. 1 - 2. ICA, 2001.
Aquatic vegetation analysis relates to plenty of applications ranging from ecological, up to biological and practical aspects. Moreover, sustainability and biodiversity of marine environments is becoming a more and more important subject, thus new investigation methodologies for an effective environmental analysis must be investigated. This paper describes the tests carried out for the preliminary acoustic assessment of marine vegetation by means of a very high frequency sector scanning sonar carried by a simple underwater frame. Some tests have been conducted along the eastern coast close to Genoa on a very low depth gradient bottom populated by significant vegetation settlements. It was possible to recover very meaningful data by fusing information of depth with the acoustic signals, hence providing a truthful representation of the sea bottom and of the benthic flora living upon it. Future experiments will be devoted to improve the performance of the system and to study in depth the acoustic backscattering of marine vegetation at sea.
Subject Underwater frame
Acoustic survey

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