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Caccia M., Coletta P., Bruzzone G., Veruggio G. Petri net-based execution control of robotic tasks. In: MED 2001 - 9th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 27-29 June 2001). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 6. IEEE, 2001.
The problem of designing an interface between thecontinuous-state and the discrete-state domains of intelligentcontrol architectures is addressed in this paper, focusing onthe execution control of tasks with real-time abilities for teleoperatedand (semi-)autonomous robots acting in lessstructured environments. The proposed interface representsthe topological structure of the underlying continuous-stateexecution level, i.e. the I/O relationships and basic connectionrules between tasks and variables, as a discrete event systemusing a Petri net formalism. This allows to ensure the correctbehavior of the execution level, checking that no forbiddenstate is reached and that the proper task activation anddeactivation order is respected. Software tools implementingthe discussed architecture are presented.
Subject Petri nets
Hybrid systems
Control architectures

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