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Caccia M., Veruggio G. Modeling, identification, control and guidance of unmanned underwater vehicles. In: WAC - World Automation Congress : Eighth International Symposium on Robotics with Applications (Wailea, Maui, Hawaii (USA), 11-16 June 2000). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 8. TSI Press, 2000.
This paper highlights the main results in modeling, identification, control andguidance of unmanned underwater vehicles obtained in the last few years at theCNR-IAN Robotics Department. The research aimed at designing and developinghigh precision guidance and control systems for UUVS for marine scienceapplications. On the basis of the operational experience gained with the prototypevehicle Romeo, the research goal has been achieved by refining the conventionalUUV dynamic model with a lumped parameters description of thruster installationeffects; by developing a methodology for the identification of the vehicle'sdynamics using on-board sensors and considering the operating constraintsintroduced by the nature of actual actuators; by designing a hierarchical controlarchitecture able to uncouple the management of the vehicle's dynamics (velocitycontrol) and kinematics (guidance).
Subject Modeling
Underwater vehicles

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