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Bartolini G., Coccoli M., Punta E. Sliding Mode Control of an Underwater Robotic Manipulator. In: 39th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Sydney, Australia, 12-15 December 2000). Proceedings, vol. 3 pp. 2983 - 2988. IEEE, 2000.
Deals with the application of sliding mode control theory to the specific case of a manipulator for which mono-directional control actions only have to be considered. In particular the control of an underwater gripper is presented. Many even complex robotic structures, can be actuated by mono-directional control actions, for example the so called tendon-arms, jet-actuated vehicles, underwater vehicles with mono-directional thrusters, etc. The robotic system which is considered in the paper belongs to the above class, since it is actuated by voice coil motors which, acting on a hydraulic circuit, are able to generate mono-directional forces. In practical realizations actuators often show imprecise relationships between the electrical input signals and the mechanical outputs, that is joint forces or torques. Such a situation constitutes a source of uncertainties we have to deal with. A sliding mode control methodology based on the use of a simplex of constant control vectors is presented, which has been revealed to be general enough to work with different applications too.
DOI: 10.1109/CDC.2000.914273
Subject Jacobian matrices
Lyapunov methods
control system synthesis
dexterous manipulators
manipulator dynamics
variable structure systems

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