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Caccia M., Bruzzone G., Veruggio G. Active sonar-based bottom following for unmanned underwater vehicles. In: Control Engineering Practice, vol. 7 (4) pp. 459 - 468. Elsevier Science, 1999.
The problem of high-precision bottom-following in the proximity of the seabed for open-frame unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) is addressed in this paper. The suggested approach consists of the integration of a guidance and control system with an active multi-hypothesis extended Kalman filter, able to estimate the motion of the vehicle with respect to the bottom profile. The guidance module is based on the definition of a suitable Lyapunov function associated with the bottom-following task, while the motion controller is a conventional autopilot, performing autoheading, autodepth, and autospeed. The motion of the vehicle is estimated from range and bearing measurements supplied by a high-frequency pencil-beam profiling sonar. Moreover, a general-purpose sensor-based guidance and control system for advanced UUVs, able to manage active sensing-based guidance and motion estimation modules, is presented. An application of the proposed architecture to execute high-precision bottom-following using Romeo, a prototype UUV, developed by the Robotics Dept. of the Istituto Automazione Navale, is described. Experimental results of tests, conducted in a high-diving pool with the vehicle equipped with a sonar profiler, are presented.
DOI: 10.1016/S0967-0661(98)00168-3
Subject underwater vehicles
range sensing
motion estimation
extended Kalman filters
guidance systems
active sensing

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