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Alessandri A., Di Febbraro A., Ferrara A., Punta E. Nonlinear Optimization for Freeway Control Using Variable-Speed Signaling. In: Ieee Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 48 (6) pp. 2042 - 2052. IEEE, 1999.
A traffic control problem with a dynamic macroscopic model is considered by means of simulations. An optimal control problem is stated for variable-speed signaling in order to improve traffic behavior near congestion. A traffic state estimator based on the extended Kalman filter is designed to generate realtime estimates of the traffic density and, by means of these ones, to activate speed signaling. The variable-speed signaling control law is closed loop and is set by minimizing (or maximizing) a performance criterion. The optimization procedure is based on Powell's method, and its off-line execution has resulted computationally tractable on low-cost computers too. Simulation results demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed approach for preventing and reducing congestion.
DOI: 10.1109/25.806796
Subject Kalman filters
closed loop systems
optimal control
road traffic
state estimation
traffic control
velocity control

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