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Alessandri A., Di Febbraro A., Ferrara A., Punta E. Optimal control of freeways via speed signalling and ramp metering. In: Control Engineering Practice, vol. 6 (6) pp. 771 - 780. Elsevier Science, 1998.
Freeway traffic control by means of speed signalling and ramp-metering has been addressed, by following a suboptimal approach. Starting from the estimation of the traffic flow, standard parametrized closed-loop regulators for speed signalling and ramp-metering have been tuned using an optimization procedure based on Powell's method. Optimization is carried out by minimizing (or maximizing) an empirical mean cost function according to the Montecarlo paradigm. The regulators perform using an estimate of a macroscopic model-based state vector given by an extended Kalman filter.
DOI: 10.1016/S0967-0661(98)00083-5
Subject traffic control
optimal control
nonlinear programming

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