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Siccardi A., Bozzano R., Mantovani R., Grosso F. A multiple input fibre optic fluorometer for a coastal cost-effective AUV. In: Oceans '97 - MTS/IEEE Conference (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 6-9 October 1997). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 4. IEEE, 1997.
This paper describes an approach to theidentification of the main features of marine plantsgrowing on the sea bottom, by means of a fluorometricdevice. Seabed vegetation plays a fundamental role inevery ecosystem, and innovative/low cost investigationmethods to investigate and characterize the sea floraextents in coastal water are required. The equipment hasbeen designed to be carried on a small underwater vehicle,where limited amount of space and power is available. Thegeneral concept of the full system are described and thesensor architecture is designed, pointing out the specificenvisaged application and the possible extension in theapplication of this very flexible fluorometric equipment.
Subject Marine plants growing
Fluorometric device

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