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Favaretto L., Barbarella G., Rau I., Kajzar F., Caria S., Murgia M., Zamboni R. Efficient second harmonic generation from thin films of V-shaped benzo[b]thiophene based molecules. In: Optics Express, vol. 17 (4) pp. 2557 - 2564. Optical Society of America, 2009.
We have designed an original approach for efficient Second Harmonic Generation of tailored V-shape benzo[b]thiophene molecular systems enabling versatile and flexible one-step, dry and technologically friendly thin film processing. The designed moieties show χ(2) values at least as high as the reference LiNbO3 single crystal, without poling processing and matching the constrains of integrated optical configuration for nonlinear optical devices. This may open the way to a new class of organic materials exploitable for photonic applications.
DOI: 10.1364/OE.17.002557
Subject V-shaped benzo[b]thiophene based molecules

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