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Lunelli B., Scagnolari F. pH Basics. In: Journal of Chemical Education, vol. 86 (2) pp. 246 - 250. American Chemical Society, 2009.
The exposition of the pervasive concept of pH, of its foundations and implementation as a meaningful quantitative measurement, in nonspecialist university texts is often not easy to follow because too many of its theoretical and operative underpinnings are neglected. To help the inquiring student we provide a concise introduction to the depth just necessary to allow a consistent coverage of this topic.
URL: http://jchemed.chem.wisc.edu/Journal/Issues/2009/Feb/abs246.html
Subject Acids / Bases
Aqueous Solution Chemistry
Lewis Acids / Bases
Misconceptions / Discrepant Events
Physical Chemistry
Second-Year Undergraduate
Upper-Division Undergraduate

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