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Arisi E., Bergenti I., Cavallini M., Murgia M., Riminucci A., Ruani G., Dediu V. Room temperature deposition of magnetite thin films on organic substrate. In: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol. 316 pp. 410 - 412. Elsevier, 2007.
We report on the growth of magnetite films directly on thin layers of organic semiconductors by means of an electron beam ablation method. The deposition was performed at room temperature in a reactive plasma atmosphere. Thin films show ferromagnetic (FM) hysteresis loops and coercive fields of hundreds of Oersted. Micro Raman analysis indicates no presence of spurious phases. The morphology of the magnetite film is strongly influenced by the morphology of the underlayer of the organic semiconductor. These results open the way for the application of magnetite thin films in the field of organic spintronics.
URL: http://scienceserver.cilea.it/pdflinks/08082611334815262.pdf
Subject Organic semiconductor
Thin film
Pulsed electron deposition
Magnetic oxide
68.55.-a Thin film structure and morphology (for methods of thin film deposition, film growth and epitaxy, see 81.15.-z)
72.80.Le Polymers; organic compounds (including organic semiconductors)
81.15.Jj Ion and electron beam-assisted deposition; ion plating (see also 52.77.Dq Plasma-based ion implantation and deposition in physics of plasmas)

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