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Ruani G., Fontanini C., Murgia M., Taliani C. Weak intrinsic charge transfer complexes: A new route for developing wide spectrum organic photovoltaic cells. In: Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 116 (4) pp. 1713 - 1719. American Institute of Physics, 2002.
Solar emission extends in the near IR and one of the main issues in designing organic solar cells resides in extending the response into the near IR. Here we show that this may be achieved by making intimate interpenetrated networks of C60 and Zn-phthalocyanine (Zn-Pc) in the solid. Various spectroscopic investigations of co-sublimated thin films of C60 and Zn-phthalocyanine give indeed ample evidence of the existence of a weak charge transfer (CT) state at 1.4 eV, which quenches the photoluminescence of both molecules. The films produced by co-sublimation undergo to a spinodal decomposition producing domains prevalently constituted by Zn-Pc in contact with domain prevalently of C60. The domains size depends on the deposition conditions (rate, stoichiometry, and substrate temperature) forming a percolating 3D network. The separation in different domains is confirmed by the observation of two overlapping peaks, in the resonant Raman spectrum, that correspond to the Ag(2) pinch mode (C=C double bond stretching) for pristine C60 and for a partially (~0.25e) doped one. This indicates that only those donor molecules at the grain boundary, which are in contact with C60, give rise to a renormalized new CT ground state. Photocurrent measurements of interpenetrated networks of C60 and Zn-Pc show a linear dependence with respect to the incident light as a consequence of direct absorption within the CT state. The CT state favors the charge separation between the two components, when it is inserted as interface in the organic photovoltaic p - n junction thus increasing the efficiency of the device.
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.1429235
Subject phthalocyanine thin films
solar cells

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