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Nesto N., Libertini A., Prevedelli D., Simonini R., Tola Masala C., Da Ros L. Spawning induction, fertilisation and larval development of Hediste diversicolor (Nereididae, Polychaeta)under different experimental conditions. In: Rapp. Comm. int. Mer Médit.. Abstract, vol. 39 pp. 604 - 604. CIESM, 2010.
A suite of experiments with the polychaete Hediste diversicolor were performed to assess the induction of gamete spawning by endogenous substances, to evaluate the percentage of fertilised and hatching eggs in two different conditions ("natural" and in vitro fertilization), and to measure the density effects on larval growth and survival. The results showed that mature females were induced to spawn by adding mature male tissue homogenate in the medium. The percentages of fertilised and hatching eggs were higher in the in vitro fertilisation and larval/juvenile survival was affected by density.
Subject Polychaeta Larvae Reproduction

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