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Rizzetto F., Tosi L., Zecchin M., Brancolini G. Factors influencing the sedimentary evolution of the Venice Lagoon (Italy) through fluvial-marine transition. In: 27th IAS Meeting - Sedimentary of Mediterranean island(s) (Alghero, Italy, 20-23 September 2009). Abstract, pp. 657 - 657. VINCENZO PASCUCCI & STEFANO ANDREUCCI (eds.). EDITRICE DEMOCRATICA SARDA, 2009.
This work points out the factors that triggered the shift of landforms through the fluvial-marine transition in the tide-dominated depositional system of the Venice lagoon area (located in the nothwestern Adriatic Sea) since the Last Glacial Maximum. Natural and anthropogenic factors were analyzed and a special emphasis was given to the roles of the Relative Sea Level Rise (RSLR) and the human-induced river diversions, carried out to prevent the silting up process in the lagoon basin, in influencing the evolution of this coastal zone.
Subject Sedimentary evolution
Venice Lagoon
Sedimentary structures

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