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Rizzetto F., Tosi L., Brancolini G., Zecchin M. The tidal deltas of the Venice Lagoon (Italy). In: 27th IAS Meeting - Sedimentary of Mediterranean island(s) (Alghero, Italy, 20-23 September 2009). Abstract, pp. 658 - 658. VINCENZO PASCUCCI & STEFANO ANDREUCCI (eds.). EDITRICE DEMOCRATICA SARDA, 2009.
The quantification of the sediment transport through the three inlets of the Venice Lagoon (named Lido, Malamocco, and Chioggia from north to south, respectively) is a theme of great interest, and many investigations carried out using various techniques, such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler and sediment traps, are ongoing. In the last years, Very High Resolution Seismic (VHRS) profiles realized in the Gulf of Venice have allowed the identification of ebb-tidal deltas in front of the seaward sides of the inlets and the reconstruction of their morphostratigraphic setting. In particular, in this paper the ebb-tidal deltas recognized close to the mouths of Lido and Chioggia are presented.
Subject Tidal delta
Venice Lagoon
Tidal inlets

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