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Rizzetto F., Tosi L., Zecchin M., Brancolini G., Baradello L. Evidences of landforms discovered by VHRS surveys in shallows of the Venice Lagoon (Italy). In: Rendiconti Online della SocietÓ Geologica Italiana, vol. 3 (2) pp. 678 - 679. SocietÓ Geologica Italiana, 2008.
Geophysical data provided new insight into the evolution of the Venice Lagoon. The transition from fluvial to tide dominated processes, characterizing the Late Pleistocene and Holocene depositional environments respectively, has been pointed out by geomorphological features discovered in the lagoon shallows through a Very High Resolution Seismic system, implemented for investigations in shallow water depth less than 1 m depth and able to produce profiles having 10 cm vertical resolution. Seismic surveys showed details of the subsoil, down to about -20 m depth, e.g. ancient fluvial and tidal channels, channel-levee systems, paleobeach ridges, lateral migration clinoforms and vertical accretion layers. Observed crosscutting relationships among stratigraphic elements provided a relative chronology of events, whereas geometries of mapped features were useful to understand processes responsible for their formation.
Subject Geomorphology
Venice Lagoon
Tidal flats

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