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Christian F., Arturas R., Saulius G., Georg U., Lina B. Hydraulic regime-based zonation scheme of the Curonian Lagoon. In: Hydrobiologia, vol. 611 pp. 133 - 146. Springer, 2008.
The aim of this study was to delineate the spatial zonation of the Curonian Lagoon based on the hydraulic regime and the sediment characteristics. A finite element hydrodynamic model has been applied to the Curonian Lagoon to simulate the circulation patterns for three years. With the help of a transport diffusion model the salinity distribution and the residence times of the Curonian Lagoon have been investigated when forced by river runoff and by wind. The finite element method permitted to follow the details of bathymetry and morphology of the lagoon, describing the areas of special interest with higher resolution. The hydrodynamic model has been validated using in situ water level and salinity measurements. A statistical GIS analysis of the bottom sediment characteristics and the modeled residence times and salinity distribution led to a synthetic hydraulic regime-based zonation scheme. The derived classification scheme is of crucial value for understanding the renewal capacity and biota distribution patterns in the lagoon.
DOI: 10.1007/s10750-008-9454-5
Subject Curonian Lagoon
finite element model
hydraulic zonation
residence times

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