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Socal G., Acri F., Bastianini M., Aubry F. B., Bianchi F., Cassin D., Coppola J., De Lazzari A., Bandelj V., Cossarini G., Solidoro C. Hydrological and biogeochemical features of the Northern Adriatic Sea in the period 2003-2006. In: Marine Ecology-an Evolutionary Perspective, vol. 29 (4) pp. 449 - 468. Blackwell Publishing, 2008.
This paper reports on the main biogeochemical properties of the Northern Adriatic Sea in the period May 2003ľNovember 2006 within the framework of the European program INTERREG III Italy-Slovenia. Spatial and temporal distributions of water density, dissolved oxygen, nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous and silicon) and chlorophyll a are presented. Multivariate methods such as fuzzy k-means, self-organising maps and cluster analysis were used to identify the different water masses and to characterise the temporal and spatial variability of the main biogeochemical features present in the area. The results confirm that the Po River outflows and the meteorological forcing factors are the main components triggering the alternation of stratification and mixing of the water column and that strongly affect the trophic state of the basin. In general, oligotrophic conditions dominate, and were more pronounced offshore, but mesotrophy occurred episodically in May 2004 and July 2005, when phytoplankton blooms were observed concomitant with vertical stability of the water column. A marked interannual variability was also observed, supporting the importance of maintaining long-term observations of the basin.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0485.2008.00266.x
Subject Adriatic Sea
biogeochemical properties
fuzzy k-means
self-organising map

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