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Krapp T., Rampin M., Libertini A. A cytogenetical study of Ischyroceridae (Amphipoda) allows the identification of a new species, Jassa cadetta sp n., in the Lagoon of Venice. In: Organisms Diversity & Evolution, vol. 8 (5) pp. 337 - 345. Elsevier Gmbh, Urban & Fischer Verlag, 2008.
Jassa cadetta sp. n. (Amphipoda: Ischyroceridae) is described from the Venice Lagoon, northern Adriatic Sea, and a key to Mediterrranean members of the genus Jassa Leach is provided. The new species is separated from J. marmorata Holmes primarily by cytogenetics, differing in chromosome number (2n = 10 in J. cadetta vs. 2n = 12 in J. marmorata), karyotype morphology (FN = 20 vs. FN = 22), and chromosome location of 18S-5.8S-28S ribosomal cistrons. Cytogenetic analysis of Ischyrocerus anguipes Kroyer (2n = 10, FN = 18) gives a first insight into karyological diversity among Ischyroceridae. Analysis of random amplified polymorphic DNA markers confirms the distinction between J. cadetta sp. n. and J. marmorata.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ode.2008.06.001
Subject Amphipoda
Northern Adriatic Sea
New species

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