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Rizzetto T., Tosi L., Brancolini G., Baradello L., Donda F., Fanzutti F., Zecchin M., Toffoletto F., Campana R. Characterization of the Po Synthem base in the Sheets 128 "Venezia" and 148-149 "Chioggia-Malamocco" of the new Geological Map of Italy. In: Geoitalia 2007, Sesto Forum Italiano di Scienze della Terra (Rimini, Italy, 12-14 September 2007). Atti, pp. 66 - 66. FIST, 2007.
The base of the Po Synthem in the Venetian coastal plain represents the stratigraphic boundary between the Pleistocene and the Holocene deposits. In the sheets 128 "Venezia" and 148-149 "Chioggia-Malamocco" of the new Geological Map of Italy it was represented at 1:50,000 scale. In the north-western sectors of the sheets the Po Synthem is absent (the Mestre Supersynthem is exposed) or very thin. The Po Synthem base deepens from the lagoon margin, 4-10 m b.s.l., to the littoral steeps, 10-20 m b.s.l.. Offshore, at a depth of about 22 m, the Mestre Supersynthem is exposed again. The presence of zones elevated with respect to surrounding areas, characterized by lobate shapes and attributed to ancient fluvial ridges, is also evidenced in the maps.
Subject Stratigraphic units
Venice coastal plain

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