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Pousa J., Tosi L., Kruse E., Guaraglia D., Bonardi M., Mazzoldi A., Rizzetto F., Schnack E. Coastal processes and environmental hazards: the Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Venetian (Italy) littorals. In: Environmental Geology, vol. 51 (8) pp. 1307 - 1316. Springer, 2007.
The Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Venice (Italy) coastlands have experienced significant saltwater contamination of the phreatic aquifer, coastal erosion, hydrodynamic changes and relative sea level rise processes due to natural and man-induced factors. These factors expose coastal areas to morpho-hydro-geological hazards, such as soil desertification, frequency and degree of flooding, littoral erosion, and the silting of river mouths and channels. Man-made interventions and actions, such as beach mining, construction of coastal structures and exploitation of aquifers without an adequate knowledge of the hydrology setting and an adequate management program, worsen these natural hazards. Uncontrolled human activity induces environmental damage to the overall coastal plains. The coastal plains play an important role in the social/economic development of the two regions based on land use, such as agriculture, horticulture, breeding, and tourism, as well as industry. Results of investigations on saltwater contamination, sea level rise and morphological changes recently performed in these two coastal areas are presented here.
DOI: 10.1007/s00254-006-0424-9
Subject coastal processes
hydrogeological hazard
saltwater contamination
sea level rise
Venice (Italy) and Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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