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Almeida P., Bonardi M., Perin G. Implementation of the forced tangential aeration technique for the recovery of the Guanabara Bay-Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Preliminary overview of the TAGUBAR project. In: Journal Of Coastal Research, vol. 2 pp. 826 - 829. Coastal Education & Research Foundation, 2006.
The TAGUBAR (TAngential GUanabara Bay Aeration and Recovery) project has been proposed as an interdisciplinary cooperation project between Italy and Brazil, in order to test the forced tangential aeration technique for the recovery of the Guanabara Bay with minimum environmental impact. The Bay of Guanabara, one of the most important aquatic environments in Brazil, is located in the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, this Bay is, nowadays, under great environmental pressure and has a high level of pollution (organic and inorganic) especially due to urban and industrial discharges (heavy metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, etc.) related to the fast development of the city of Rio during the last decades. The aim of the project is a) to test the effects of forced tangential aeration on the bottom sediments and the water column above in a 4 km(2) study area in the Guanabara Bay and b) to provide local authorities in charge of the Guanabara Bay management with the instrumentation and methodology for the environmental recovery of the Bay and other polluted coastal areas in Brazil. Two general survey campaigns and four tangential aeration campaigns are planned for the three-year project during which geological, sedimentological, biological and chemical investigations will be carried out in order to determine the ecological conditions of the experimental area before and after the aeration activities. Forced aeration will be provided by an ad hoe constructed technical unit (MODUS), based on a non turbulent laminar aeration by jet-venturi aerators, tangentially directed to the bottom and maintained at a constant distance from the bottom sediments of the Bay.
Subject water pollution
heavy metals
coastal areas

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