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Rizzetto F., Tosi L., Teatini P., Cucco A., Gaspari A., Biella G., Boniolo G., Chiozzotto B., Claude C., Conchetto E., Corsi A., De Franco R., Gasparetto Stori G., Giada M., Lozej A., Mayer A., Morrone A., Saracco G., Vitturi A. Potential relation between saltwater intrusion and geomorphological/hydrogeological setting in the coastal and lagoon areas south of Venice. In: Quarta Riunione Annuale Corila, Programma di Ricerca 2004-2007, Risultati del primo anno (Venice, Italy, 14-16 April 2005). Abstract, pp. 30 - 30. CORILA, 2005.
The investigated area is the southern part of the Venice Lagoon and the nearby catchment basin, where previous multidisciplinary studies provided the documented evidence of a critical phreatic aquifer contamination by saltwater intrusion from the sea and the lagoon. Results of this work point out that well developed paleo-river systems, intersecting the southern lagoon margin and the close coastline, and permeable sediments, bounding the two salt-water bodies, represent preferential environments of communication among waters characterized by different salinity. By contrast thick silty-clayey layers preclude the salty pollution from the lagoon and the sea.
Subject Saltwater intrusion
Saline water

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