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Marin M., Moschino V., Meneghetti F., Da Ros L. Effects of mechanical stress in under-sized clams, Tapes philippinarum: a laboratory approach. In: Aquaculture International, vol. 13 (40210) pp. 75 - 88. Springer, 2005.
The present study is a first attempt at evaluating the effects of repeated disturbance, such as that caused by mechanical fishing systems, on the target species, Tapes philippinarum, intensively exploited in the Lagoon of Venice (North-East Italy). In particular, in free- access fishing grounds, detrimental effects of dredging may be suffered by under-sized clams, which are disturbed by fishing tools many times throughout their lives before they are collected. Similar mechanical stress conditions are experienced by T. philippinarum in licensed areas, where they are farmed in aquaculture conditions and undergo the harmful impact of hydraulic dredging. To evaluate the effects of short-term mechanical stress, under-sized clams were subjected to experimental shaking in the laboratory, and detrimental effects on their well-being were investigated by applying the biomarker approach. Changes in physiological, biochemical and behavioural responses were evaluated by determining scope for growth, adenylate energy charge, survival in air time, reburrowing time, and shell damage level. Responses highlighted general worsening in clam condition as mechanical stress increased. Among the various measurements, survival in air and reburrowing time appeared particularly suitable as indices, their responsiveness and applicability suggesting their use in assessing mechanical stress due to dredging in field conditions.
DOI: 10.1007/s10499-004-9029-z
Subject Adenylate energy charge
Mechanical stress
Scope for growth
Shell damage
Stress indices
Survival in air

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