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Bergamasco A., Defendi V., Budillon G., Spezie G. Downslope flow observations near Cape adare shelf-break. In: Antarctic Science, vol. 16 (2) pp. 199 - 204. Cambridge Univ Press, 2004.
"The analysis of two high resolution hydrological datasets acquired during the 1997 and 2001 summers across the Antarctic continental shelf-break near Cape Adare (Ross Sea) is presented. The main focus of these cruises was the investigation of the overflow of the High Salinity Shelf Water (HSSW). This dense and salty water mass forms along Victoria Land and flows northward, descending the slope near Cape Adare. Water types characterizing the study area are detected through vertical salinity profiles and by the horizontal distributions of the temperature and salinity. Temperature and salinity hydrological sections obtained by means of objective analysis method well describe the water masses interactions at the shelf/slope edge. The 1997 dataset shows evidence of a strong HSSW signature on the slope, but it is difficult to quantify the spatial scales involved in the spreading mechanism, because the overflow takes place at the edge of the investigation area. The 2001 data, collected at the same position with improved spatial and temporal resolution, clearly indicates the absence of a ""true"" HSSW downslope process. Even though no estimation of the amount of downslope flow can be given at present due to the resolution of the available dataset, it is possible to get a better phenomenological picture of the process by comparing the two years."
DOI: 10.1017/S0954102004001981
Subject Antarctica
downslope processes
high salinity shelf water
Ross Sea
shelf/slope interactions
water masses characterization

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