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Luchetta A., Alvisi F., Cozzi S., Cantoni C., Russo A., Serratore P., Bajt O., Catalano G., Ravaioli M. Integrated management of coastal hypoxia in the Northern Adriatic Sea: the case study of the Province of Rimini. vol. DTA/06-2011 Enrico Brugnoli, Giuseppe Cavarretta, Salvatore Mazzola, Fabio Trincardi, Mariangela Ravaioli, Rosalia Santoleri (eds.). Roma: CNR Dipartimento Terra Ambiente, 2011.
An integrated monitoring network aimed at the management and mitigation of environmental and socio-economic costs of hypoxia was developed for the coastal zone of Rimini (Emilia Romagna - Italy). This area was chosen for the presence of high anthropogenic pressure (416,000 equivalent inhabitants and tourist summer peak of up to 973,110), industrial and agricultural activities, as well as maritime traffic and nutrient river discharges (about 600 ty􀀀1 of N and 300 ty􀀀1 of P in 2002). EMMA monitoring network was planned by linking scientific knowledge on hypoxia phenomenon with in situ experimental investigations. Its integration with existing environmental monitoring, available facilities and data resources was considered in order to increase the cost effectiveness of the project. The structure of EMMA monitoring network was based on four main components: - an instrumental monitoring network of the coastal zone, by means of an automated remote station coupled by traditional sampling at fixed stations, to provide a set of high resolution environmental data; - a 3-D numerical model (ROMS) implemented to perform hydrological simulations and forecast of hypoxia in the area of interest; - a Local Information Centre (LIC) devoted to the acquisition and exchange of data and model results among network components; - a Decision Supporting System to bring scientific aspects of hypoxia phenomena into management requirements of local institutions and socio-economic operators.
URL: http://www.dta.cnr.it/content/view/7204/45/lang,en/
Subject Coastal impact

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