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Luchetta A., Cantoni C., Catalano G., Cozzi S. Carbonate chemistry dynamics and saturation states of calcium carbonate in the surface waters of the Adriatic Sea. In: SESAME Final Scientific Conference (Atene (Grecia), 4-8 aprile 2011). Abstract, pp. 1 - 1. Atti convegno, 2011.
The amount of high quality measured carbonate system properties (pH, TA, TCO2, fCO2) is so scarce in the Mediterranean Sea that is almost impossible to have any precise idea of their distribution throughout this semi-enclosed sea (Touratier & Goyet, 2010). The carbon chemistry is even more poorly known in the Adriatic Sea, although this basin is affected by the gradual process of ocean acidification (OA), at least in the northern part (Luchetta A. et al. 2010), receives the runoff of several rivers and hosts sites of dense water formation by two different mechanisms (bottom convection on the shallow shelf in the northern sub-basin and open sea deep convection in the southern sub-basin). This contribute presents the results of two cruises along the Adriatic Sea, in 2008, that investigated the carbonate chemistry dynamics of surface seawaters (pHT, TA and derived parameters as TCO2, fCO2, CO3=, HCO3-) and the saturation states with respect to aragonite (Ar) and calcite (Ca). The two campaigns were conducted under very different seasonal conditions: characteristic of wintry season in February, as shown by the low sea surface temperature (8C
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Carbonic acid

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