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Luchetta A., Cantoni C., Cozzi S., Catalano G., Civitarese G. Dissolved carbon dioxide, nutrients and oxygen in the Adriatic Sea. A regional observing effort. In: OceanObs'09 - OceanObs'09. Ocean information for society: sustaining the benefits,realizing the potential (Venezia, 21-25/08 2009). Proceedings, pp. NP - NP. Julie Hall, D.E. Harrison, Detlef Stammer (eds.). Proceedings of OceanObs'09, 2010.
The Adriatic Sea can be strongly affected by changes in climate and weather, it can play an important role in biological productivity and air-sea CO2 fluxes,. In general the carbon cycling knowledge in these region is still limited., Regarding the atmospheric CO2 sequestration mechanism, through the Continental Shelf Pump, the Adriatic Sea can play a very relevant role for the entire Eastern Mediterranean, since in winter is exposed to cold dry winds eventually producing dense waters (NAdDW and ADW), which are important contributors to the Eastern Mediterranean deep circulation. Here are presented the results (fCO2, AOU, dissolved inorganic nutrients) of two repeated surveys on basin scale, and one short time series in the Gulf of Trieste, representative of the coastal environment.
URL: http://www.oceanobs09.net/proceedings/ac/
Subject Carbon dioxide, oxygen, nutrients
Adriatic Sea

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