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Giani M., Kovacevic V., Cardin V., Mihai B., Ursella L., Rampazzo F., Berto D., Savelli F., Catalano G., Cozzi S., Cantoni C., Luchetta A. Biogeochemical properties of Adriatic dense waters. In: 39th CIESM Congress - The Mediterranean Science Commission Congress (Venezia, 10-14/05 2010). Proceedings, vol. 39 pp. 255 - 255. Rapp. Comm. int. Mer Médit, 2010.
Distribution and characteristics of dense waters in the Adriatic Sea were monitored during their formation in winter 2008, and later, in autumn at the end of the seasonal stratification period in the Adriatic Sea. Different types of dense waters were identified on the basis of their physical features. In order to characterised their biogeochemical properties dissolved oxygen, nutrient, and particulate organic matter (chlorophyll a, particulate organic carbon, particulate nitrogen and phosphorus) were analysed.
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Subject Dense waters
Adriatic Sea

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