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Cantoni C., Luchetta A., Cozzi S., Celio M., Catalano G. Carbonate system dynamics in the Gulf of Trieste (North Adriatic Sea). In: 39th CIESM Congress - The Mediterranean Science Commission Congress (Venezia, 10-14/05 2010). Proceedings, vol. 39 pp. 230 - 230. Rapp. Comm. int. Mer Médit, 2010.
We present first results of a study started in January 2008 and focused on the analysis of the variability of carbonate system in the Gulf of Trieste (N. Adriatic Sea). Total alkalinity, pH, and mayor physical and biogeochemical parameters were measured at PALOMA station (centre of the Gulf). We evidenced the role of direct inorganic carbon riverine inputs, sea water temperature and production / regeneration processes as mayor drivers of the observed carbonate system variability during the studied period.
URL: http://www.ciesm.org/
Subject Gulfo of Trieste
carbonate system

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