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Cozzi S., Reisenhofer E., Di Monte L., Cantoni C., Adami G. Effect of environmental forcing on the fate of nutrients, dissolved organic matter and heavy metals released by a coastal wastewater pipeline. In: Chemistry and Ecology, vol. 24 (2) pp. 87 - 107. Taylor and Francis, 2008.
Discharges of nutrients, urea, dissolved organic matter and heavy metals by a sewage underwater pipeline are analysed in comparison to environmental conditions in a shallow coastal zone. Variable thermo-haline stratifications of the water column and currents in upper (2.62-34.97 cm s−1) and deeper (0.83-10.91 cm s−1) layers drive vertical diffusion and lateral transport of wastewaters. Loads of reactive phosphorus (0.13 tons d−1) and ammonium (1.62 tons d−1) by the pipeline are not negligible compared to the major river loads in the gulf. High concentrations of urea (≤11.51μmol N dm−3) were found in the area of wastewater release. Ammonium uptake (6.14-534 nmolNdm−3 h−1) strongly exceeded nitrate uptake(0.19-138 nmolNdm−3 h−1), indicating that discharges of ammonium by the pipeline are actively assimilated by plankton community even at low levels of light. Distribution of Zn (≤27.7 ppb), Cu (≤25.6 ppb), Cd (≤0.80 ppb) and Pb (≤13.5 ppb) in the water column and the measurement of their complex-forming capacity in seawater did not indicate a persistent perturbation of the pelagic environment due to heavy metals.
URL: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/02757540.html
DOI: 10.1080/02757540801919354
Subject depurazione acque reflue
Waste water

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