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Crisciani F., Raicich F. A minimal model of adiabatic isotherms surfacing in very shallow waters. In: Environmental Fluid Mechanics, vol. 4 (2) pp. 113 - 125. Kluwer Academic Publ, 2004.
Based on a phenomenology that is rather frequent in the Gulf of Trieste ( Northern Adriatic Sea), we analytically model the short time evolution of the temperature field inside a shallow layer of coastal water induced by a sudden offshore wind. In particular, we reproduce in a very simple way the unsteady surfacing of the isotherms forced by the marine current circulating in a vertical plane perpendicular to the coastline. The model is in agreement with the observations of a significant event recorded on 25 June, 2002 in the Gulf of Trieste.
DOI: 10.1023/B:EFMC.0000016466.30436.96
Subject air-sea interaction
coastal modelling
Gulf of Trieste
isotherm surfacing
shallow water dynamics

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