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Badin G., Crisciani F., Furlan G. On the dynamics of quasi-geostrophic intergyre gyres. In: Nuovo Cimento Della Societa Italiana Di Fisica C-Geophysics and Space Physics, vol. 26 (6) pp. 621 - 632. Editrice Compositori Bologna, 2003.
An important aspect of the present climatic change concerns the wind-stress anomalies over the ocean. It is possible to associate to them a special current field, which appears between the subtropical and the subpolar gyres and is known as intergyre gyre. In the present paper we investigate its dynamics by including recent models of stochastic wind field into the classical model of ocean circulation at the basin scale of Rhines and Young. In the framework of an analytical approach, developed at the geostrophic level of approximation, we explore the circulation patterns of this recently discovered characteristic of double gyres.
DOI: 10.1393/ncc/i2003-10004-x
Subject north-atlantic oscillation
wind-driven circulation

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