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Cozzi S., Lipizer M., Cantoni C., Catalano G. Nutrient balance in the ecosystem of the North Western Adriatic Sea. In: Chemistry and Ecology, vol. 18 (1-2) pp. 1 - 12. Taylor and Francis, 2002.
The effects of biological processes on dissolved inorganic nutrients, dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) and phosphorus (DOP) are considered in the north western Adriatic Sea. The budgets of these nutrients, which represent the sum of production and consumption processes in comparison to advection, are discussed with regard to dissolved inorganic nitrogen (15N labelled) uptake, which basically indicates the biological demand of this fraction of nitrogen by phytoplankton community. The presented data show that, although important, the continental input of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), mainly nitrate, is utilised and recycled within the coastal marine environment (budget of 15 mmol-N dm3). In fact, during four cruises (June, 1996; February, 1997; June, 1997; February, 1998), phytoplankton production was mainly driven by regenerated nutrients ( f  0.4). Regarding dissolved inorganic phosphorus (DIP), the negative budgets observed in most cases (down to 0.4 mmol-P dm3) confirm, above all, its scarce availability in this basin. Recycling processes rather than continental inputs regulate the availability of this nutrient. In addition, the comparison between DIN and DIP budgets indicates that, in this ecosystem, dissolved inorganic phosphorus is recycled faster than nitrogen through the living particulate and dissolved organic pools. As a consequence of biological activities, a strong production of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) can occur in summer (up to 22 mmol-N dm3) while DOP shows a more independent behaviour both with respect to its accumulation in the environment and to the observed nitrogen variations.
URL: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/02757540.html
DOI: 10.1080=0275754021000001916
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