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Falconi C., Cozzi S., Lipizer M., Catalano G., Marchiafava C., Trimarchi E., Ruffini S., Vignes F. The importance of the fresh water outflow on a station situated in front of the Po river (Po di Goro). vol. 12 (1) Mauro Picazzo (ed.). Genova: AIOL, 1996.
The fractions of dissolved organic and inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus in sea water samples were monitored at the station S1, placed in front of the Po River mouth (4444'70"N, 1227'41"E). The aim was to extent our knowledge about the biochemical situation in an area that is highly influenced by fresh water loads by the .. 288 largest Italian river, and to estimate the portions of organic and inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus that were lost from the System due to physical and biochemical interactions. For this purpose, we chose to examine a sampling period with scarce river outflow (April 1995) and one with greater outflow (July 1995). Despite great nutrient loads in both sampling periods, our estimates revealed that almost the whole fraction of inorganic phosphorus (up to 92 % at April) and a part of the inorganic nitrogen (30 % at April and 42 % at July) was readily consumed at the station. Surprisingly the dissolved organic fraction of nitrogen (DON) was much greater at the station (up to 3120 % in April) than in the river water, and it constituted a conspicuous part of the total dissolved nitrogen in the study area. On the contrary, the dissolved organic fraction of phosphorus (DOP) did not accumulate in the coastal area, compared to the river water.
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