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Ribotti A., Sorgente A., Borghini M. ADCP Measurements in Protected Areas On Vessels of Opportunity. In: Sea Technology, vol. 51 (3) pp. 45 - 46. COMPASS PUBLICATIONS, INC, 1501 WILSON BLVD., STE 1001, ARLINGTON, VA 22209-2403 USA, 2010.
Using Coast Guard Patrol Boats for ADCP Measurements Around An Archipelago in the Northwest Mediterranean The use of 3D circulation numerical models with high spatial resolution to forecast currents and hydrocarbon diffusion and transport in marine areas requires continuous verification through the acquisition of hyclrodynamic data along the water column. This is economically feasible with widely used acoustic current meters - moored, shipmounted or towed. In the open sea these instruments are almost exclusively installed under the keel of the ship, but coastal areas often require the use of small vessels that are not suited to this configuration. Different solutions have been found using both fixed and light structures, mobile or external, or towing instruments. At the end of August, all of these solutions were taken into account to plan hydrodynamic measurements in the Strait of Bonifacio and around La Maddalena Archipelago in northeast Sardinia, Italy, under the framework of a two-year project funded by the Italian Ministry of Environment. The project was named SOS-Bonifacio and was coordinated by the Institute for the Coastal Marine Environment of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). The work was achieved in collaboration with the La Maddalena Italian coast guard and CNR's Institute for Marine Sciences (ISMAR). Under this project, an innovative system for marine circulation forecasting was created for the management of environmental emergencies due to oil spills. The main aim was the prevention and/or limitation of damages to local marine resources and coasts due to oilspill events.
URL: http://www.sea-technology.com/features/2010/0310/ADCP_measurements.html
Subject ADCP measurements
La Maddalena Arcipelago
Bonifacio Strait
coast guard patrol boats
shallow water

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