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Fonda Umani S., Conversi A. Possible climate impacts on the northern Adriatic pelagic ecosystem. vol. 35 Monaco: CIESM Workshop Monographs, 2008.
Nowadays one of the most challenging questions for both terrestrial and marine ecologists is how climate changes will impact a given ecosystem. To forecast the possible responses we need to know how that system behaved in the past under climatic oscillations, which means that we have to look at long time series of data. For marine scientists the major problem is that biological time series ar generally rather short (usually no more than 50 years)compared to terrestrial atmospheric records. Thanks to paloecologists we are able to reconstruct the far past, but this does not help us to understand the biological characteristics of 100-150 years ago. They are a sort of black box. In this paper we examine different long time series collected in the northern Adriatic Sea.
URL: http://www.ciesm.org/online/monographs/Helgoland08.pdf
Subject zooplankton
time series
Climate change impacts

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