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Griffa A., Molcard A., Raicich F., Rupolo V. Assessment of the impact of TS assimilation from ARGO floats in the Mediterranean Sea. In: Ocean Science, vol. 2 (2) pp. 237 - 248. Copernicus Publications, 2006.
In this paper, the impact of assimilating Temperature (T) and Salinity (S) profiles from Argo floats in the Mediterranean Sea (MEDARGO) is quantitatively investigated using the Observing System simulation Experiments (OSSE) approach. The impact of varying the number of floats and their launch positions is considered, using numericalsimulations with a MOM model and a reduced-order multivariate Optimal Interpolation scheme (SOFA) for assimilation. Realistic launch positions used during the first MFSTEP phase are considered, as well as "ideal" positions that can be envisioned for the future, along the VOS tracks. The most effective float trajectories are identified, showing that frontal regions play a major role, and that it is crucial to maintain a sufficient coverage of them. In addition to this, also a qualitative comparison is performed between the results obtained from MEDARGO floats in ideal conditions and results from "ideal" profiles taken along the VOS (Volunteer Observing Ships) tracks, as for the XBT (Expandable Baththermograph) data.
DOI: 10.5194/os-2-237-2006
Subject Mediterranean sea
TS assimilation
ARGO floats
temperature and salinity
OSSE approach

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