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Letardi P. Electrochemical measurements in the conservation of metallic heritage artefacts: an overview. P. Dillmann, D. Watkinson, E. Angelini, A. Adrien (eds.). (European Federeation of Corrosion Publications, vol. 65). Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013.
The basic principles of corrosion and electrochemistry are briefly summarised to indicate the capabilities of electrochemical techniques in diagnostic and conservation of heritage metals. The basic elements of each electrochemical measurement - cell, electrolyte, instrumentation - are schematically illustrated in the specific application to cultural heritage. The different measurement techniques are reviewed, divided into three groups: (1) potential measurements; (2) DC techniques; (3) AC techniques. The aims and fields of application are discussed, reporting several examples of specific applications in the field of cultural heritage.
URL: http://www.woodheadpublishingonline.com/content/hm36711r350r47mv/?p=87b6790da8804905be82f67a5fbcbbef&pi=6
DOI: 10.1533/9781782421573.2.126
Subject corrosion
electrochemical techniques

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