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Pensieri S., Bozzano R., Schiano M., Canepa E., Sparnocchia S., Picco P. An Integrated Marine Observing System in the Ligurian Sea. Roma: CNR, DTA, 2011.
The Ligurian-Provencal basin plays a fundamental role in the climate and in the circulation of Mediterranean regions and, consequently, it has been object of intense scientific investigations since sixties. In order to better understand the peculiarities of this basin, an integrated marine observing system, composed by two fixed buoys (one offshore and one coastal) and two sub-surface moorings is working in an operational way in the Ligurian Sea. This work aims at describing the two fixed platforms setting up the Ligurian Sea integrated marine observing system and at evaluating the need to maintain the observatory in order to guarantee continuous acquisition of data suitable for scientific and technological improvements. The different technical solutions adopted for each buoy according to their specific employment are here described. Some years of operation have proved that both systems are able to satisfactory run for long periods, thus providing reliable long term time series of marine environmental parameters. Results so far obtained and the potentialities of the joint use of the two buoys are enlightened.
Subject Marine Observing System
Ligurian Sea

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