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Garaventa F., Piazza V., Corrą C., Pavanello G., Magrassi R., Mattioli S., Turturro T., Doldi S., Faimali M. Ecotoxicological evaluation of a Ballast Water Treatment System according to the International Maritime Organization guidelines. In: 4a edizione giornate di studio: Ricerca e applicazione di metodologie ecotossicologiche in ambienti acquatici (Livorno, Italy, 20-22 October 2010). Atti, pp. 1 - 6. D. Pellegrini, I. Buttino, M. Secci, S. Macchia, L. Dentone (eds.). ISPRA-CIBM, 2010.
Ballast water is used by ships to compensate for differences in cargo load. Through ballast water,non-indigenous organisms are transported worldwide. This introduction of non-native species via ballast water discharge can cause significant economic and ecological damages. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set out a mandatory framework for treatment of ballast water on board of ships, in order to minimize the risk of ballast water discharges. ACG has recently developed a new Ballast Water Management System consisting of an electrolytic cell, producing hypochlorite as biocide for ballast water treatments (Ecolcell BTsTN). The residual effects of seawater treated with the electrolytic cell was investigated with different bioassays in order to comply with the International Convention.
Subject ecotoxicology

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