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Schiano M., Canepa E., Pensieri S., Bozzano R., Sempreviva A. Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer observations over the Mediterranean Sea. In: 4th HyMeX workshop (Bologna, Italy, 8-10 June 2010). Abstract, pp. 129 - 129. Allmeetings, 2010.
The height and the vertical structure of the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer (MABL) plays a fundamental role in the characterization of the lower troposphere. Among the different techniques used to determine this height, the most widely employed is based on the analysis of atmospheric profiles obtained by radiosoundings. Nonetheless, radiosounding measurements over open sea are scanty and, as a consequence, the knowledge of the MABL is often based only on numerical model outputs or parameterisations which need few measured parameters as inputs. The results obtained from the analysis of more than 100 radiosonde measurements performed over the Mediterranean Sea in the years from 2001 to 2007 are shown. The measurements have been achieved by using a Vaisala radiosonde system mounted on board of the R/V Urania of the Italian National Research Council during several cruises mainly carried out in the Ligurian and Thyrrenian Seas in different periods. Furthermore, a comparison between the layer's height and its temporal evolution deduced by radiosonde and celiometer measurements done during the LASIE experiment (Ligurian Sea, 16-22 June 2007) is also shown. Among the other relevant results, the performed analysis also revealed the presence of a lower inversion that might be due to a residual layer or a boundary layer developed over land and advected over the sea.
Subject Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer
radiosounding measurements

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