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Bozzano R., Pensieri S., Schiano M., Canepa E., Picco P. Meteorological and marine time series collected offshore in the Ligurian Sea. In: 4th HyMeX workshop (Bologna, Italy, 8-10 June 2010). Abstract, pp. 131 - 131. Allmeetings, 2010.
Continuous meteo-marine environment monitoring represents one of the main topics in models developing and in the analysis of climate changes. The space-time scale of the phenomena to be investigated, the need of resources in terms of researchers and equipped vessels and adverse meteomarine conditions make difficult collecting long time series of data over the ocean. Fixed or floating installations in general, and buoys in particular, are the only means for in situ collection of data series over long periods of time even under heavy sea conditions. In the Ligurian Sea, the off-shore W1-M3A system acquires long time series of meteorological and marine measurements since February 2000. This observing system is composed by one fixed station, the ODAS Italia 1 multi-sensor spar buoy and a sub-surface mooring line close to the buoy. A small laboratory unit is on the top of the buoy and a trellis hosts a complete set of meteorological sensors and the antenna for the data telemetry. Marine sensors are installed along the buoy body at different nominal depths (0, -6, -12, -20, -28, -36 m) providing a high vertical sampling resolution of the ocean surface layer. The acquired data are transferred in near-real time to the receiving station ashore. The sub-surface mooring is equipped with an upward looking 300 kHz RDI ADCP and with marine sensors distributed from 100 down to 1000 meter water depth. Data collected by the observing system are used to study the surface processes driving the evolution of the atmospheric boundary layer vertical structure and of the surface ocean as well as to validate both model outputs and remote sensed data. The presentation will focus on the observatory description and on the most recent and relevant results achieved by using the acquired data.
Subject meteo-marine environment monitoring

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