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Dumas C., Mollica A., Féron D., Régine Basseguy D., Etcheverry L., Bergel A. Checking graphite and stainless anodes with an experimental model of marine microbial fuel cell. In: Bioresource Technology, vol. 99 (19) pp. 8887 - 8894. Elsevier, 2008.
A procedure was proposed to mimic marine microbial fuel cell (MFC) in liquid phase. A graphite anode and a stainless steel cathode which have been proven, separately, to be efficient in MFC were investigated. A closed anodic compartment was inoculated with sediments, filled with deoxygenated seawater and fed with milk to recover the sediment's sulphide concentration. A stainless steel cathode, immersed in aerated seawater, used the marine biofilm formed on its surface to catalyze oxygen reduction. The cell implemented with a 0.02 m2-graphite anode supplied around 0.10 W/m2 for 45 days. A power of 0.02 W/m2 was obtained after the anode replacement by a 0.06 m2-stainless steel electrode. The cell lost its capacity to make a motor turn after one day of operation, but recovered its full efficiency after a few days in open circuit. The evolution of the kinetic properties of stainless steel was identified as responsible for the power limitation.
DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2008.04.054
Subject Microbial fuel cell
Stainless steel
Impedance spectroscopy

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