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Mazzocchi M., Gardini D., Traverso P. L., Faga M. G., Bellosi A. On the possibility of silicon nitride as a ceramic for structural orthopaedic implants. Part II: chemical stability and wear resistance in body environment. In: Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Medicine, vol. 19 (8) pp. 2889 - 2901. Springer, 2008.
In Part I, the processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of three silicon nitride-based ceramics were examined and their non-toxicity was demonstrated. In this Part II, some features critical to biomedical applications were investigated: (i) the wetting behaviour against aqueous media, including physiological solutions; (ii) the chemical stability in water and in physiological solutions; and (iii) the wear resistance, measured under experimental procedures that simulate the conditions typical of the hip joint prosthesis. The results confirmed that silicon nitride may serve as a biomaterial for bone substitution in load bearing prosthesis.
DOI: 10.1007/s10856-008-3437-y
Subject Silicon nitride
Orthopaedic implants

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