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Faimali M., Chelossi E., Wrubl F., Mollica A. Oxygen reduction on stainless steels in natural seawater: some elements in favour of the hypothesis of an enzymatic catalysis. In: Biocorys 2007 : International Conference on Biocorrosion of Materials (Paris, 11-14 June 2007). Abstract, pp. EC-O-21-1 - EC-O-21-10. Cefracor, 2007.
It is now generally accepted that oxygen reduction run faster on Stainless Steels (and similar active-passive alloys) when biofilm forms on the metal surface exposed to aerated seawater. On the contrary, although several hypotheses have been proposed, the mechanism by which the presence of biofilm makes the oxygen reduction faster is still not ascertained.
Subject stainless steels
oxygen reduction

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