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Chelossi E., Corrą C., Garaventa F., Greco G., Faimali M., Mollica A. Quantification by epifluorescence microscopy image analysis of seawater biofilm developed on cathodically polarized stainless steels. In: Biocorys 2007 : International Conference on Biocorrosion of Materials (Paris, 11-14 June 2007). Abstract, pp. MM-P-22-1 - MM-P-22-6. Cefracor, 2007.
Present paper provides data illustrating the direct correlation between number of settled microorganisms and value of the oxygen reduction on stainless steel samples exposed to natural seawater and cathodically polarized. Cathodically polarized (-200 mV vs Ag/AgCl) samples of stainless steels were exposed to natural seawater inside the Port of Genoa; the electrochemical properties and the formed biofilm were evaluated as a function of exposure time. Epifluorescence microscopy was used to investigate the microbial biofilm by direct counting of the total bacterial cells stained with DAPI. Digital image analysis were utilized for the estimation of the biofilm coverage. The evolution of the microbial population evaluated by image analysis, was also correlated to the cathodic current increase measured on the electrode. A direct relationship and a good correlation was established between the current increase values and the number of microorganisms on the metal surface in natural seawater.
Subject biofilm
epifluorescence microscopy
image analysis
stainless steels

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