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Faimali M. Il microfouling (biofilm) = Microfouling (biofilm). In: Biologia Marina Mediterranea, vol. 10 (Suppl.) pp. 285 - 326. Manuale di Metodologia di Campionamento e Studio del Benthos Marino Meditteraneo. SocietÓ Italiana di Biologia Marina, 2003.
By fouling, we mean any association of marine organisms of hard artificial substratum, or any natural substratum artificially immerged, irrespective of the place, date and duration of the immersion; an association of this kind cannot be defined from a biocoenotic point of view as a distinct and univocal entity, because it varies according to the different environmental situations. Examples are the organisms which encrust ship bottoms and obstruct tubes and grids through which seawater flows
Subject hard artificial substratum
marine organisms

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