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Wrubl C., Fassin M., Buffoli A., Mollica A. Electrochemical evaluation of defect growth in primers applied on aluminium alloy 2024T3. In: Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, vol. 50 (5) pp. 341 - 346. MCB UP Ltd, 2003.
In the present work, the protective properties of inhibitive pigments in two epoxy-primers against corrosion of the aluminium alloy 2024T3 in marine atmosphere were investigated, the first containing SrCrO4 and the second Zn-3(PO4)(2). Potentiostatic polarisation and impedance measurement methods were utilised to evaluate, both the spontaneous onset of defects on coated samples and the propagation of a small artificial defect of known dimension applied since the beginning of the test on each sample, during 24 months of exposure to the marine atmosphere. These techniques enabled a quantitative evaluation of the protective efficiency of the two primers to be made, and for the effects of the surface pre-treatments of the metallic substrate to be investigated.
DOI: 10.1108/00035590310492252
Subject epoxy resins
atmospheric corrosion
electrical impedance

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